How long will it take for me to get my item after I place my order?

Two to three weeks after we get the order. Every item is handmade so it depends on where you live and what you ordered. Keycaps depend on how custom you want it.

What if my reservoir leaks?

Email us ASAP and we’ll get the problem fixed! Keep in mind that we test every product that goes out so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Can I open my reservoir to clean it?

Sure, can! Just know that the O-ring is really hard to get back in place so best of luck with that.

Can I have a custom font on my reservoir?

Sure, keep in mind we tested a few fonts and know which ones look the best, but we can work something out.

Can I return an item?

Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final unless there is a problem with your item leaking.

Can I order a custom piece that's not already in your store?

Sure! We love to make custom pieces and would love to have photos of your set up. Keep in mind, due to high demand, we have a $100 deposit(+designing fee) and depending on how big the project is, it’ll take us a while to make it. Email us at europahydrology@gmail.com for quotes. If you have a design in mind, make sure to send us the EXACT measurements of everything that has to do with your case/design.

What if a screw is in the place of where I want a hole at?

Easy, we move it. Make sure to tell us where you want the G1/4 holes when you place the order. We have photos of where we can place the holes.

What kind of magnets do you use and what happens if one/some come out?

We use 5x2mm N50 Nanomagnets. Our 3x3” boxy reservoir only has 8 magnets in it and it’s kind hard to pull that off of metal as it is, so bigger reservoirs full of water won’t have a problem. If one comes out, then super glue is your friend, but we try to make sure that the magnets are not falling out by milling the holes a little smaller than 5mm.